Teachers - OFSTED

 “You have introduced a change for pupils to read new stories from a range of authors to encourage them to read widely”

- Hargrave Park OFSTED Report

“The pupils with whom I spoke are very proud of the progress they are now making in reading and enjoy the range of books available to them. They explained that the ‘reading road map’ encourages them to read and also challenges them to read a range of books.”   

- St Luke’s OFSTED Report


What is clear is that the RRM collection has encouraged children to read outside their ‘comfort zone’, to find new writers to enjoy, and to get into the habit of ‘dipping into’ different genres and ultimately reading more because of having a large number of well-curated new fiction made explicitly available to them. The initiative has been a resounding success.

- Eliza, English Lead at Christ The King

“The children are so keen to get their stickers and certificates and it’s encouraging more reading in many of our children.”

- Librarian at Montem School

“The Reading road map has really caught the children’s imagination and many have received stickers for their participation”

- Deputy Head Teacher – Hargrave Park

The children are really engaged with it and it has created a positive attitude to reading for pleasure. We have got the Year 5/6 children more engaged now with it by getting them to review their book through an emoji read. They select a chosen emoji to sum up the book and place it on the picture of the book which is a display I created in our Year 5/6 building

- English Lead at Sacred Heart School

“It’s honestly been great for the class, starting to see the benefits in their writing as well which is great news.”

- Year 5 teacher at St Mary’s Magdalene


"I just realised that short books are really cool as well."

- Sophia Year 6

"The challenge told me not to judge a book by its cover because I used to just look at the book and when I went into reading random books it was fun. I hadn't read in a long time and it brought me back into the reading world."

- Abdulqadir Year 5

"I think this is one of the best challenges I've ever done. I really love reading. I'm glad there's this challenge, it's help me to get into different types of authors and books and makes me feel more me. It makes me feel better about me and brings out who I am."

- Deniz Year 5

“You don't compete with others, but with yourself to read better and more challenging books.”

- Meneksegul

"I think it's really fun. I like that we get to do it in school. The certificate and stickers help. I've had people come up to me and say well done you've read a book. It's encouraged me to read more."

- Lisa Year 5

"They should carry on doing it because it's really inspiring me to read when there's nothing to do. Because when there's nothing to do at home I pick up book from the reading road map and read. I didn't do that before."

- Yusuf Year 6

" I really like that there's a whole selection of books and that you don't have to read it all in one day. If you don't like it, it doesn't mean the book's bad it's just your opinion. I've tried different types of books that I wouldn't normally read."

- Sumayyah Year 6

“The Reading Road Map has been helping me to decide which book to read. You should use it if you want to read more.”

- Daniel Year 6

"It's really fun and encourages me to read more at home. It will help children to read more. I feel proud that I get to stand on stage and be given a certificate for what I have achieved."

- Malachi Year 5