As a result of feedback from over 60 schools that have delivered this across all year groups in 2017-2018 and previously 40 schools who had delivered this to Years 5 & 6, we have decided to develop a United Kingdom Reading Road Map.


AIM of The United Kingdom Reading Road Map

  • To promote reading for pleasure across schools nationally

  • To raise SAT’s levels across our schools

  • To engage reluctant readers

  • To challenge our more-able readers

  • To assist teachers and children by signposting them to new authors



What is The UK Reading Road Map?

The Reading Road Map is an initiative that has been created to help encourage children to develop a new passion for reading. It is a tool for children, parents and educators to recommend different up to date books, authors and genres.

All of the books on the roadmap, except the titles in the classics genre, have been published in 2018.

The front of the map has a map of the UK with 10 roads representing a specific genre of books

Adventure; Classics; Crime; Fantasy; Graphic Novels; Horror; Humour; Poetry; Sci-Fi and Sport

The author and title of each book in each genre are listed along each appropriate road

On the back of the map are the sections listing the books relating to each genre

To the left of each book title is a coloured circle – we used a traffic light system for identifying less challenging, challenging and more challenging books

To the right of the title. we have a small blank circle, which is ticked by the teacher when the book has been read by each child

Signposting for other authors

We have also added a section to signpost children and help teachers advise on similar authors

The Signposting section has been really well received by teachers who admit they don’t have much time to read children’s literature, especially new authors


How does the Reading Road Map work?

All the resources are delivered to schools in January to mid February and the schools can start whenever they are ready.

Some run the Reading Challenge from within the classrooms; other schools set aside space during lunchtimes or after school clubs; other schools use their school libraries and the librarians to manage the challenge.

How to request a set of Reading Road Map resources?

Please click here and complete the form

We will email back to confirm the costs based on your requirements or will call you if you require further information.

Invoices are only raised after all the resources have been delivered to school

We will contact you to request a Purchase Order Number.

 How long does the Reading Initiative last?

Children have from January to the end of June / July to read as many of the books as possible

Each time the children read a book they receive a sticker (Supplied) (for all Maps)

School Library Services

The UK Reading Road Map can be ordered directly through your local School Library Service, or for those schools that are not served by a School Library Service directly through this website.

If ordered through your local SLS, one of the team will pop in with your Reading Road Maps, stickers and certificates to explain how it works. The books will be delivered either directly to school to a named contact, or delivered by the SLS member of staff.

Although all schools will be provided with enough Reading Road Maps for each year group, stickers and certificates to support this reading challenge, if you require additional supplies please feel free to contact your local SLS or submit a request on the website.

SLS UK are delighted to include The UK Reading Road Maps as part of our National Offer to schools


All the resources required for each of The Reading Road Maps will be delivered to school either through your local School Library Service or directly.

We welcome feedback from teachers and children and hope that any suggestions and/or comments can be included in our blog so that other schools can get a better understanding on how the Reading Road Maps are delivered across our schools.

We will be adding case studies to our website from schools that have participated in the Reading Road maps over the past few years. The case studies will include the different methods schools used to deliver the Reading Road Map, we believe that some of the additions schools have included have helped encourage the children to give useful feedback on each book the have read. These methods include:

  • Reviews in their home reading books

  • An emoji chart to highlight their enjoyment of each book,

  • Reviews during class Reading Road map assemblies, etc